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20 okt 2019 om 15:27 Finally a pizza with a good quality dough
15 okt 2019 om 21:20 I have placed the order at 18.58 and it arrived at 20.03. It took more than 30 min to confirm it and than after it was finally ready the driver drove past my house. What a disappointment!
10 okt 2019 om 9:21 Thank you guys for bringing a piece of Italy here in the Netherlands! I'll always feel at home when I eat your pizza!
6 okt 2019 om 8:41 Meestal gaan we bij het restaurant zelf eten; nu een keer besteld. De pizza's zijn ook na de 'reis' met Thuisbezorgd nog heerlijk!
4 okt 2019 om 6:58 Good fast service, great meal for what we wanted
28 sep 2019 om 8:40 Altijd lekker! Goed warm, vers en snel bezorgd... beste pizza in town!
14 sep 2019 om 20:29 Echte Italiaanse pizza. Heel lekker!
7 sep 2019 om 14:57 Arrived fast but pizza dough was undercooked. No love
1 sep 2019 om 21:24 Delicious pizza but delivery can be slow so order before you're too hungry. It's definitely worth the wait, best pizza in the city!